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JFC Strainer

Strainers are used normally for the protection of pipeline and petroleum process equipment installed downstream of the strainer. The equipment protected by strainers is generally more expensive than the total installation cost of a strainer. Also this equipment is critical to the pipeline or process operation.

Strainers use perforated and/or wire mesh, wedge wire screen media for straining purposes. These materials are “two dimensional”, meaning they do not have a “Depth” or “Dirt Holding” capacity. This means that when a debris particle is caught in the straining media the opening is blocked or plugged. This results in reduced available opening for flow. Strainer sizing and selection are critical to insure cleaning cycle time, particle size retention and pressure drop requirements are achieved.

Based on 20 years accumulated know how, JFC developed automated standard strainer calculation program and this will be utilized in JFC Arabia. For simple input for some of the factors given from clients such as type, size, rating, end connection, mesh size, materials for the body and internal etc, then automatically the outputs will coming out such as pressure drop, effective and opening area calculation with exact dimension of the products which most skilled manpower required

JFC Filter System

Material of JFC Strainer

  • Carbon Steel- ASME : A105, A216, A53, A234, A106, A516
  • Stainless Steel - 304SS, 304LSS, 316SS, 316LSS
  • Alloy Steel and Special Steel - Monel, Hastelloy, Aluminum, Bronze, Copper Alloy, Chrome Alloy, Nickel Alloy and etc.

Strainer Element

Elements is very important part as the heart of strainer. So, Corrosion Resistance, Filtration rate and Strength must be considered sufficiently and it must be a structure not to be bypassed the non-filtered fluid between element and body. JFC is manufacturing a high credible strainer that can’t compare with other production as it has a long experience and accumulated know-how in field of engineering

Connection Style

Flange Type / Socket Weld Type / Screw Type (PT,NPT) / Butt Weld Type

Applicable Code


Strainer Performance

The Performance of Strainer is various and the summary is as followings :

  • Normally used for the protection of pipeline and petroleum process equipment installed downstream of strainers.
  • Filtration resistance of strainer shall be minimum. Specially, urgent filtration resistance shall not increase even after some using period passed.
    - There is no problem as the absolute value of initial pressure drop in filtration resistance is small. But till a pressure drop reaches the maximum value, the filtration resistance is influenced by time of washing cycle.
  • Must be a structure to be maintained airtightness between a contacting part of element and a parallel state of strainer.

  • Element and Strainer Body shall be endurable in the high-pressure-drop against internal, external pressure sufficiently
JFC Strainer is designed by the basis of the above requisition and JFC has a long experienced know-how and a lot of customers are recognizing the quality of the excellent strainer in domestic and oversea petrochemical and refinery project for long years from Super Low Temperature -196℃ of the Ethylene Process till 350 ℃, a temperature of Heavy Grade Oil Resolution Facilities and the high pressure of 2500 pound basis.

Product Series

JS-B strainer
JS-C Strainer
JS-D strainer
JS-T strainer
JS-Y Strainer