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The Mist Eliminator is fabricated from interlocking loops of knitted metal wire or plastic filaments. These mesh pad mist eliminators, with high free and large impingement areas, can be installed in any existing or new process vessels to provide efficiencies of up to 99% for particles down to five microns.These mist eliminators are static, in line devices, which can be installed in evaporators, pressure vessels, and scrubbers without the need for special housing or attachments

JFC has been refining mist elimination technology for decades, and working closely with customers in a diverse range of industries to address the specific problems that occur. The mist eliminator profiles are continuously assessed and developed as processes and conditions evolve. The design parameters for installations are evaluated using an extensive database and a powerful design program, the results are then laboratory tested. This close attention to detail and the expertise of our R&D departments have made us the leaders in this technology.

Mist Eliminators

Product Series

Mesh Type Mist Eliminator
Standard Vane Eliminators
Double Pocket Vane
Inlet Diffuser