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JFC Arabia has a capability to judge the type of the filter and the sizing of filter housing. Based on the design condition filter cartridge will be selected and based on the flow and flux rate the housing size will be designed. Among various type of filter cartridge cylindrical type of filter element will be widely used and these can be segmented into cleanable and disposable type. The materials for the cleanable type filter element mostly use metal such as metal fiber, metal powder and multi layer type. The punching plate with mesh and for the disposable type PP, Cotton, PE and Glass Fiber are dominant. Some of these filter elements for instance metal type of filter element with mesh, glass fiber and cotton type are being purchased from its specialized company such as Pall, Packer, Mott and other reliable companies worldwide and the rest of them can be manufactured by ourselves.

Advantages of Metallic filter Cartridge

  • It is advantageous in the side of life and protection of Environment as it is possible to re-use after cleaning or reverse cleaning comparing existed cartridge.
  • It is beneficial in the super-low temperature, high temperature and pressure high Pressure
  • It maintains absolute ration of filtration.
  • The ratio of porous is very high
  • Pressure loss is very low

The use ranges of JFC Metallic Filter Cartridge

  • Filtration of process for nuclear power generation and industry
  • Filtration of process for petrochemical and refinery
  • Filtration of gas and operating of oil pressure

oil Filter cartilage

Ordering Information

1 JFC Code JC: Cleanable
JD: Disposable
2 Media Form JC-1 : Powder Sintered
JC-2 : Multi-Layer Woven Wire Sintered
JC-3 : Fiber Metal Sintered
JC-4 : Woven Wire Screen
JD-5 : Wound
JD-6 : Pleated
JD-7 : Bag
3 Cartridge Type C : Cylindrical
P : Pleated
4 Removal
Model No. according to series
5 Cartridge
10 : 10” (OD : 2.5”)
20 : 20” (OD : 2.5”)
30 : 30” (OD : 2.5”)
40 : 40” (OD : 2.5”)
436 : 36” (OD : 4.5”)

6 End Connection DO : Double Open Ends
SO : Single Open End
NPT : NPT Single Open End

Product Series

Filter Cartridge for Powder Metal Sintered
Filter Cartridge for Multi-Layer Metal Sintered
Filter Cartridge for Woven Wire Screen
Filter Cartridge for Fiber Metal Sintered
Wound type Cartridge,Pleated type Cartridge